24-Hour Emergency Service for Plumbing, Heating,

CHP (Combined Heat & Power or Co-Generation)

and Fire Suppression Systems in NYC


Phoenix Plumbing & Mechanical Corp. is a New York City Licensed Plumbing and Fire Suppression Installation, Maintenance & Service Company.

We are a small, but highly specialized company, with consistent growth. The company is small enough to provide the personal touch our clients deserve, yet large enough to complete any job on schedule. Our goal is to satisfy our client’s expectations of reliable, timely, and knowledgeable services for today’s sophisticated market.

We are fully computerized and carry a $2 million General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation & Disability.

Experts In Liquid Management

Our Services include all “in-house” Commercial, Industrial and Multiple Dwelling plumbing, heating and fire suppression installations and service.  Phoenix Plumbing & Mechanical Corp. also offers 24 hour emergency services and maintenance and monitoring. Clients rely on Phoenix Plumbing & Mechanical for professional and timely service.

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Phoenix Plumbing & Mechanical Corp is our one stop in New York City for plumbing, fire suppression, heating & CHP (Combined Heat & Power or Co-Generation). Our team of in-house professionals consists of Engineers, licensed plumbing, fire suppression & electrical contractors.

Building Types: New/Modernization of Multiple Dwelling, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial types.

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service and Maintenance packages for the following installations:


Sanitary, storm, domestic hot & cold water and gas systems


Heating systems of all types: steam, hydronic, condensing & conventional boilers. Including heating and temperature controls.

Heat Exchangers & Pumps:

Shell & tube, plate heat exchangers and cooling towers along with pumps for commercial and industrial applications.

Fire Suppression:

All types of sprinkler systems; wet, dry, pre-action, water, mist, deluge and foam. Along with all types of fire standpipe systems. Including monthly maintenance.


Combined heat and power systems starting from 5KW and up. Discover next generation energy solutions that provide total heat and power for energy grid independence utilizing Turbine or state of the art Fuel Cell technology.  Projects start at 5KW and up.

Additional Services:

Certified backflow testing and installation along with correcting and removing violations and annual inspections for same.


OFFICE:  44-25 54th Drive (2nd Floor), Maspeth, NY 11378